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Three Unique Driving Experiences

Exotic Cars | American Muscle Cars | NASCAR Stock Cars

Some drivers want the thrill of sitting in a Ferrari and pushing the limits of what a supercar can handle. Others want to feel the power of the most aggressive Corvette ever produced going in and out of the corners of a true road course. While others want the thrill of jumping into a NASCAR Stock Car and topping their last lap speed with a better time. Which one is right for you?

Exotic Driving Events is the leader in exotic car driving experiences, providing car enthusiasts luxury performance car driving events across the country since 2012.

Originally, a New England based company; Exotic Driving Events now travels to more than 10 cities in the USA. Exotic Driving Events prides their success on the ever-changing exotic supercar fleet. Each year we acquire new, state of the art, cars, to fulfill every driver, adrenaline junky and car enthusiast’s dream. The growing selection of exotic cars currently includes a Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Performante LP 570, and a Nissan GT-R. These car driving events give thrill-seekers an adrenaline-boosting time behind the wheel of an exotic super car on a professionally designed autocross course or road course.

So, what’s the difference between autocross and road course? An autocross course is a temporary set up intended to accommodate driving skill competitions that emphasizes the driver’s abilities and the car’s handling components. The racecourses are designated by traffic cones on a low hazard location, such as a parking lot, inactive airstrip or designated autocross area at large motorsport facilities. While speeds are no greater than those of legal highway driving, the combination of concentration, reaction, talent and the car’s capabilities are a recipe for an adrenaline pumping experience. The road course option has very similar characteristics of the autocross option, while allowing the driver a chance to get some higher speed on one of the many straightaways of the multiple road courses that we visit. Road courses are permanent racetracks designed for high speed typically in excess of 1.5 mile in length.

Most importantly, in order to make the car driving experience accessible and safe for everyone, each vehicle comes equipped with automatic transmission and an instructor sitting right seat at all times. The driving instructor is there to guide and coach the driver around these many different courses. Their main reason for support is to ensure safety while maintaining a great level of fun.

Our Thrilling Car Driving Experiences

Exotic Car Driving Events
Our Most Popular Driving Experience

We pride on ourselves on having only the best exotic car options available for your experience. All exotic vehicles come to us direct from the factory. With no off the market parts on our cars, you get the feel of a pure-bred machine with horsepower up to 563.

  • 10 Cities Nationwide

  • 5 Exotic Cars to choose

  • Autocross Course Racing

  • Challenges Driving Skills

  • Safe for everyone

  • Includes Training & Instruction

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American Muscle Experience
Do You Have What It Takes To Race Our Full Road Course?

Our American Muscle Car road racing experience is for those people who want to say they drove the finest American-made automobiles. Beginning with a classroom session focused on the basics of road racing and vehicle dynamics, you'll then be put behind the wheel of our 650 horsepower Corvettes for three laps around America's first purpose build road circuit.

  • Connecticut Only

  • 2 Corvettes to choose

  • 1.7 Mile Road Course

  • Includes Classroom Training

  • Drive Along Instructor

  • Packages Start at 3 Laps

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Extreme Racing Experience
Take On Our Oval Track Like The Pros

Northeast’s Premiere Racing Experience. The most exciting, relaxed, well run and safest racing experience in the Industry. Oval Track, Nascar Style Driving and Road Course Programs Available. Team Racing for Advanced Students!

  • Connecticut Only

  • Multiple Stock Cars

  • 5/8 Mile Oval Track

  • Extreme Speeds

  • For the NASCAR Enthusiast

  • Includes Training & Instruction

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"I just wanted to say that you guys are absolutely wonderful! My husband had a wonderful birthday. He had a great time and we got some excellent pictures. I am sure we made a lasting impression as well. Again, thank you! Everyone was so helpful and nice.
It was a fabulous experience!"

- Nikki G.